Small work intended for reproduction

This page is a portfolio for the pieces that I create and reproduce with molds. Many of these items are small enough to wear, and all of them are intended to be more affordable than the one-off pieces. You can learn more about my methods — and try your hand at similar work — by following my tutorials and walk-through posts on my blog.

Please note that, although these pieces are all reproductions or stamps of my original art, each piece is made by hand, and there will always be some small variation in the finished products. For some of the more detailed designs, I go over them and add back detail that is lost in the molding or stamping process. It's unlikely that any two will be identical. For the resin castings, each pour may have irregularities, and painted versions will vary slightly. These photos only represent one version of each design. If you'd like to contact me about ordering a large number of them, know that I will try to keep them fairly uniform, but there will be some unavoidable differences.

The Mythos Collection

The Mythos Collection is inspired by myths, legends, and other stories from around the world. I hope that it will grow to be more inclusive as I progress. I naturally tend toward feminine and gender neutral forms, but I'll add in more masculine elements as inspiration strikes.


I'm also working on a series of animals and animal imprints. For the imprints, I actually use my original sculpt as a stamp to create the inverse in rolled clay and use a cutter to make the circle. Because of this, they are much faster than the convex reproductions, and I charge less for them. I intend to sculpt many animals eventually, but I only have a few for this series just now.

Spirits of the Forest

My pieces for the Spirits of the Forest were inspired by the idea of the Green Man from medieval European art. No matter what the truth is behind those old carvings, I think that the idea of the Green Man speaks to something primal in all of us who connect with nature. I will eventually want to have a variety of gender presentations spanning all of the seasons of the year, so do check back over time.

These pieces are all resin castings of my original sculptures. Most are opaque resin and painted, though some are made of clear resin tinted with alcohol inks. I make them on tiles so that they could be put together in a larger work. Once I feel that the series is complete, I may offer sets. (Unpainted opaque castings can be available upon request. If you buy an unpainted piece from me and embellish it, I’d love to see your results!)