Past Artwork

This is a gallery of some of my unique pieces that have not been reproduced. These pieces represent the first two years of my sculpting and a cover a variety of styles. Most are no longer available for sale, but some are. I still make new Emerge pieces upon request. Contact me with any inquiries.

September 2019 inventory before night carnival.jpg

Small Work

This is a gallery of work that I have done with the intention of reproducing the pieces for sale. Each piece is still handmade and based on my own art. These are available individually or in batches. I’m happy to work with other artists and artisans who want to use these pieces in their own work.



Just for fun, I’ve included some of my hobby photography. If you are interested in a print or in using any of my photos for art reference, feel free to contact me. In many circumstances, I’m happy to give permission for fellow artists to use my photos with no charge, so don’t hesitate to ask!