Shine On!


Don't you just hate it when your To Do list is already herculean, but your brain insists on being creative? With many hours of Carnival prep before me — and four nights of storm-induced sleep deprivation behind me — my manic brain just needed to make a thing that I had mentioned offhand two days ago. In fact, let's make five of them. Now.

Enter the iridescent copper faux rocks for brooches, which, thanks to my #carnivalseason mad brain, will be available for the Night Carnival.

And I figured that I might as well do a quick and dirty tutorial for you all…

First, use small-pore natural sponges to squoosh up some conditioned clay onto your work surface. (Brown, dark green, teal, or muted purple would be fine… so long as it's darker and more muted than your mica powders)

Second, lay down your iridescence tones, working from small spots of cool green and blue colors out toward broader swaths of purple/pink. (I use a cotton swab for colors that I want to get into lower points and my fingers for highlight colors.)

Next, blend everything with a light coating of interference violet. Then add a bright highlight of blue russet on the ridges.

Finally, with your finger, use a bright copper to cover the outer surface all the way around. All of the other colors then show through in the pits and cracks.

Bake according to manufacturer's instructions. After cooling, glue on a pin back and enjoy!